The spirit of fencing:Mix Up, Mix Up.

The inspiration of BIBILEE FW20 is originated from the Fencing, which not only requires ultimate concentration and body coordination, but also the  elegent moves and flexible tactics.

The player of fencing are fearless when they are facing with challenges, showing their noble justice deep inside and the judgement by their independent thoughts. Therefore, we implant these thoughts in the concept of our products, appealing for the modern youths to be confident and courage when they are facing challenges.

The design shows BIBILEE’s respect to the late 90’s classic retro-modern.
Inspired by the classic retro-modern, BIBILEE’s product integrate the exaggerate sleeve type and outline with the freely comfort from the shell fabric, showing people the spirit of fearless in the classic deconstruction and and baby overlock.

Mix Up, Mix Up.

Looking for a comfortable status

Balancing the elegance and street-style

Making the superior quality with coarse “toothpick” fold

Get rid of the old shackles and rewrite the traditional vision

The folds can be street-style & comfortable.

Photograph: HOPRO STUDIO
Styling: BIBI KIKI
Make up: smallbird
Text: 泰罗
Illustration: 一拳  麻花周