TWO OF ME:Tomboy · Protect the world

BIBILEE 2020SS focuses on the two sides of women. Social methods and living conditions have been evolving. In today's diversified information exchange, how do you discover and accept your duality?

This season's title is [TWO OF ME]. By showing the duality of women in different states of social status, it is sometimes a naive and romantic Little Girl, and sometimes it turns into a powerful Tomboy. Whatever it is, it's a real existence, it's the way we communicate with this world.

The design incorporates [silver paper] and [strong light and shadow] to convey the fragile, longing, strong, and self-confident state, adding chaotic folds and handmade folds to the original type, using turmeric, Klein blue, black and white gray and other multi-faceted Department to convey BIBILEE's consistent understanding of folds.

TWO OF ME: Tomboy · Protect the world

ndependent perspective

See the margins of the world in the dark

Creased foil

Bright and dark sides like a strong personality

Ingenious freehand

Achieving a powerful and brave Tomboy

Photography:HOPRO STUDIO

Makeup & Hair:smallbird